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Nice one! I agree!

On Wed, Sep 1, 2010 at 9:09 AM, Yolynne Medina <yolynne at gmail.com> wrote:

> Good luck Dax, We need to sort our priorities from time to time, take your
> time.
> For the benefit of the whole community I suggest having lead contacts on
> every city of the Philippines that have an active ubuntu user in this
> mailing list, I believe this would make the community stronger and the reach
> would be wider. If there would be 2 or more users in one city, then they get
> to choose their lead contact, who would be willing to organize regular
> meetups, do followups, be on top of organizing events etc etc.  a group
> could have an alternate lead contact if they want if and when the lead
> contact will be inactive he will take over the service of leading the group.
> All lead contacts of every city will then report to the Ubuntu-ph LoCo
> contact (Zak) about their activities... we can start from there then let's
> see where this would lead us.
> Yolynne
> On Mon, Aug 30, 2010 at 1:22 PM, Dax Solomon Umaming <
> knightlust at ubuntu.com> wrote:
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>> Hello Guys,
>> This is a very sad day for me since I'm announcing my resignation as
>> the LoCo Contact for the Philippine Team. I've thought this through and
>> decided it's the best for the team.
>> My time for Ubuntu and Ubuntu-PH has been drastically reduced for quite
>> some time now due to additional workload, school, family, and renewed
>> focus on software development (specifically the Linux Kernel and
>> Wammu/Gammu). And I can no longer stand by and watch while my absence
>> holds the team back.
>> I'm not sure how we go about selecting my replacement, but I sure wish
>> someone would volunteer themselves for this job or maybe hold an
>> election. In the mean time, I'm assigning Zak Elep (our previous LoCo
>> Contact) to stand-in for me on all Ubuntu-PH matters - _but_ only if he
>> accepts this responsibility, I don't want to burden him further.
>> == Website ==
>> I've already sent Zak and Loell (our forum moderator) the login and db
>> credentials for our website. If you need it, I only ask that you become
>> an Ubuntu member as the minimum requirement.
>> In addition, our website is closest to my heart and I will continue
>> working on it during my free time. I'm still working on improving the
>> theme and a Planet alternative that'll work on our current host.
>> == Official Ubuntu and Official Ubuntu Server Books ==
>> I already mailed the 2 books to JC, anyone who needs them will have to
>> contact him directly. Please make sure that you mail/bring it back since
>> he'll be the custodian of the books and will guarantee that the whole
>> team benefits from it.
>> Another set of free books is available[1], so the next LoCo Contact
>> should make sure to order one.
>> == Philippine Team Wiki ==
>> Our wiki is sadly outdated, we need someone to look after it. Also note
>> that we need to create/submit a monthly team report. The howto is
>> documented on the TeamReports wiki.
>> [1]
>> http://www.jonobacon.org/2010/08/05/free-books-for-approved-loco-teams-2/
>> Thanks everyone!
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