[Ubuntu-PH] SJVN reports that "Ubuntu changes its desktop from GNOME to Unity"

Michael Lunar lunar.michael at yahoo.com.ph
Tue Oct 26 10:01:15 UTC 2010


am a newbie... just started using Ubuntu about three weeks ago. I was attempting 
to install Windows7 on my laptop but for some reason I cannot. Even with a clean 
install. My friend's got a 9.04 and he told me to wipe my laptop clean by 
installing Ubuntu and clean install Windows7 after... didn't work!

And soooo... I got stuck with with the 9.04! BUT when the Update Manager showed 
an Upgrade to 10.10, i clicked on upgrade and soon after... my laptop won't 
start! Tried slipstreaming Windows... didn't work! Then I made a Pendrive 
installer of Ubuntu10.04 following on-line instructions, installed it on my 
laptop and have been enjoying Ubuntu since then.

I am a convert and have been showing my new OS (with the jiggling windows) to my 
peers. One friend has actually installed Ubuntu using the Pendrive I created. Am 
still discovering a lot of things about Ubuntu hence I joined the Mailing list. 
Now... am a bit nervous about these changes you are talking about here...

Sorry... am not a full time techie (or what some call a geek), I'm an above 
average Windows user and would like to be formally "doctrinized" on Ubuntu... Am 
really starting to like it but am beginning to be wary...


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On Tue, Oct 26, 2010 at 5:05 PM, Stephen Piana <stephen.piana at gmail.com> wrote:

as long as support for the current UI is still available then the new move is 
fine with me. :D but it's weird for a desktop to act/look like the netbook 

Something that's new will always be weird :). A radical approach will  always be 
weird :). 

"Penguin, penguin, and more penguin !"


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