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Zak B. Elep zakame at gmail.com
Mon Aug 30 08:28:03 UTC 2010

Thanks for the work, Dax! I'll take up the responsibility for now, as I
think I can serve once more now that I'm gearing to be more involved in open
source once more. Good luck on your endeavors, and I look forward when you
can come back to contribute in the future :)

On Aug 30, 2010 1:22 PM, "Dax Solomon Umaming" <knightlust at ubuntu.com>

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Hello Guys,

This is a very sad day for me since I'm announcing my resignation as
the LoCo Contact for the Philippine Team. I've thought this through and
decided it's the best for the team.

My time for Ubuntu and Ubuntu-PH has been drastically reduced for quite
some time now due to additional workload, school, family, and renewed
focus on software development (specifically the Linux Kernel and
Wammu/Gammu). And I can no longer stand by and watch while my absence
holds the team back.

I'm not sure how we go about selecting my replacement, but I sure wish
someone would volunteer themselves for this job or maybe hold an
election. In the mean time, I'm assigning Zak Elep (our previous LoCo
Contact) to stand-in for me on all Ubuntu-PH matters - _but_ only if he
accepts this responsibility, I don't want to burden him further.

== Website ==
I've already sent Zak and Loell (our forum moderator) the login and db
credentials for our website. If you need it, I only ask that you become
an Ubuntu member as the minimum requirement.

In addition, our website is closest to my heart and I will continue
working on it during my free time. I'm still working on improving the
theme and a Planet alternative that'll work on our current host.

== Official Ubuntu and Official Ubuntu Server Books ==
I already mailed the 2 books to JC, anyone who needs them will have to
contact him directly. Please make sure that you mail/bring it back since
he'll be the custodian of the books and will guarantee that the whole
team benefits from it.

Another set of free books is available[1], so the next LoCo Contact
should make sure to order one.

== Philippine Team Wiki ==
Our wiki is sadly outdated, we need someone to look after it. Also note
that we need to create/submit a monthly team report. The howto is
documented on the TeamReports wiki.


Thanks everyone!
- --
Dax Solomon Umaming

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