[Ubuntu-PH] Karmic Koala LoCo Team Pack

Stephen Piana stephen.piana at gmail.com
Mon Oct 19 08:56:43 UTC 2009

> ISTR that shipit has a limit of at least one CD request per LP account
>per release.  Special requests can be made for things like conference
>presentations and the like, though I also recall that these requests
>should be coursed through the LoCo contact (because he/she will make
>the actual shipit request on behalf of the interested party.)

Thanks for the reply. The weird thing about my shipit account is that when I
clicked  to pre-order karmic kaola cd I got this message  "You have already
received our maximum number of allowed shipments. Please download the CD
image and record it yourself. " ahahaha... It's my first time to even
pre-order the karmic koala cd so it seems shipit has now a limit or maybe
its just me. anyway thanks


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