[Ubuntu-PH] Public Service/Alert: Super Typhoon Pepeng / Parma

JC John Sese Cuneta jcjohn at laibcoms.asia
Thu Oct 1 08:49:34 UTC 2009

Hi all,

    Just a friendly alert and public service.  According to today's
report, Typhoon Parma with local name "Pepeng" was upgraded to "Super
Typhoon".  Parma/Pepeng will make landfall this Saturday.

    You can watch here: http://bit.ly/Cd3zb <-- facebook video of CNN
weather report

    241kph gustiness.

    Please take care everyone.

In prayers,

JC John Sese Cuneta
ᜑᜓᜏᜈ᜔ / 謝施洗
jcjohn at laibcoms.asia
Laibeus at Laibcoms.com

Blogs: http://gameshogun.ws | http://Laibcoms.asia/blog/

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