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A friend from IOSN Mam Yolynn Medina shared me an online article , "The case
for Online Word Procesors by Dustin Wax ". Naturally Id always take a look
at any article shared... and see if its worth commenting or reading.

This one I like... Its written by a person who uses for his daily
activities. Imagining just a browser and there you go... you can transfer
from PC to PC anywhere you go. This is the beauty of cloud computing.
Personally I agree with Dustin on the choices he had recommended, Google
Docs (not that I am Google Fan), Zoho Apps and adobe(something I don use).
This actually presents the best justification for educational collaboration,
where teachers can actually check the written articles and projects prepared
on Gdocs and Zoho shared with them, and be edited, collaborated, shared and
commented upon.

I agree with Dustin that this is a perfect example of how online word
processors can be used for educational purposes. This application can also
be found in G.ho.st a visrtual web based OS that has web based applications
for cloud computing, an online web based office suite that handles
communications and other office work. G.Ho.st also is best for schools since
if you have a web based desktop that is accessible anywhere there is a
connection (internet).. there is an online word processor that you can sue
to prepare your projects, term papers and articles.

Indeed Online word procesors can even help minimize paper consumption... one
of the best practices in education thats worth sharing with other educators.

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