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Dear Colleagues,

I'm writing to make you aware of a new conference, FLOSSed in Bangkok 2009:
the first OpenSourceSchools.org-sponsored conference to be held in October
of this year, 2009.

Please consider participating if you are in this part of the world, lending
your support if you are not, and just spreading the word to likely suspects.
(Cross-posting appreciated where permitted.)

URL: http://opensourceschools.org/oss2009bangkokevent
Start: Oct 23 2009 - 09:00
End: Oct 24 2009 - 17:00
Timezone: Asia/Bangkok

Interested? Please let us know:

FLOSSed in Bkk, 2009, The first Bangkok Open Source Schools Conference to be
held in October of 2009. Presently searching for a venue (place and exact
time) (Link to Event on Calendar). Likely to be held in downtown Bangkok
although a day trip away is possible for an attractive environment with good
facilities. Looking for wireless, decent food, accomodations, meeting rooms,
etc. at an affordable price.

We will write soon when we nail down the venue and pricing.

Interested or want to help? Let us know now!

    *****     What's in a Name?     *****

Have you got a great idea for naming this conference? We'll give free
registration to whomever comes up with the winning name!
    *****     Call for Workshop Presenters     *****

Could you give a workshop of interest to:

   * teachers (at your level)?
   * school administrators?
   * technology "facilitators"?
   * system administrators?
   * "computing" teachers?

If so, please fill out the proposal form! We're eager to hear from you!

Current ideas:
    *****     Rationale     *****

Many of you have been using Free and/or Open Source tools including Linux,
Apache, Sendmail, and open source languages (Perl, PHP, Python, Java, etc.
for years); many more in the k-12/13 educational world have not. We envision
a small to medium sized group made up of a) newcomers looking for support in
their first steps; b) users of various levels willing to share and
interested in going deeper or learning of new possibilities; c) experienced
system admins, programmers and managers able to see the whole spectrum of
possibilities and offer guidance to others in open discussions with

    *****     Theme           *****

"Open Source; Open Mind"

    *****     Audience        *****

  1. Teachers and School administrators in international and local schools.
  2. Higher ed representatives willing to lend/share knowledge and
  3. Commercial representatives offering relevant products and services.

    *****     Method          *****

  1. Keynotes
  2. Hands-on workshops
  3. Seminar-style "round-table" discussions

*** Vendors Welcomed. Would you like to sponsor the program, the Web site,
or a session at the conference? Other ideas? Please speak up! We're open to
suggestions (Click here!).

*** Know of a must-have speaker or presenter? Nominations are now open
(Click here!) .

*** Just want to attend? Great! State your interest; the door's open!
(Click here!
http://opensourceschools.org/flossedinbkk2009enquiry )

*** Discuss ideas below in comments (

*** Start your open source schools blog today on this site!

Read more on OpenSourceSchools.org *** Does your school use FLOSS? Add it to

Thank you,

David Bucknell
Open Source Schools http://opensourceschools.org/contact

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databases for Schools, Businesses and You.
* Why are hosting your site, blog or teacher tools (e.g. Moodle) with a big
cool company rather than a friendly one that gives a . . . cares? Host with
* Cell: +66(0*)84 329 1183; Office: +66(0*)2 980 9464 (*No "0" if calling
overseas.)* Skype: dbucknell

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