[Ubuntu-PH] Ubuntu integrated to curriculum?

Mon Sagullo monsagullo at gmail.com
Wed Jan 14 12:53:35 UTC 2009

I fully agree with you. It was simpler for us since we have "simple" goals
for now. And if I may add to your list -

5. "Mainstream market" acceptability of FOSS, with a lot of help from -
6. Media coverage
7. A big helping hand from DepEd and CHED (save a lot of money too)

Then more future and existing instructors would have the incentive to look
into FOSS and/or up their skills. With #6,  students and their parents will
be "intrigued" enough to find out what FOSS really has to offer, and school
officers will be more comfortable to at least give FOSS a try.

Every now and then, whenever I stumble on some positive media coverage,
particularly Ubuntu and OOo, I print this out, I post this on our bulletin
board, hand it to our instructors and I discuss with them the growing
acceptance for FOSS.

It would be nice if #7 takes a lead role to have more of #6.

Just my inflation-adjusted two cents :-)

On Wed, Jan 14, 2009 at 9:34 AM, hard wyrd <hardwyrd at gmail.com> wrote:

> This basically depends on what the computer lab is used for. If its
> for teaching computer basics, operating system basics, pwede na agad.
> However for higher learning, we have to identify first what are the
> current subjects, and the tools being used on those subjects.
> The factors, in my opinion, that could affect successful shift to
> opensource tools in schools are the following:
> 1. skills and competency of the instructors
> 2. willingness of the school administration to fully commit and devote
> itself to shifting to opensource
> 3. timing
> 4. the existing hardware
> The software is always available. It's the human factor that must be
> dealt with. This in turn can be solved also by providing training on a
> regular basis, and increasing in complexity until the desired skill
> sets are met. Instead of a direct approach, I believe that gradual
> introduction will negate the sudden "shock" from the intended
> recipients .
> Just my two cents.
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