[Ubuntu-PH] Is CAD still relevant? Yes and no by chris dawson

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I would suggest not to abandon CAD but replace autoCAD with low-cost
alternative(not necessarily free software) like IntelliCAD:

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> February 5th, 2009 
> Is CAD still relevant? Yes and no
> Posted by Christopher Dawson @ 10:13 pm
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> Talking with a school committee member tonight, I was reminded (quite
> rightfully), how important it is to consider the community in which we
> live as we design courses. She was very concerned that I had
> eliminated CAD from our course offerings in favor of programming and
> advanced web design courses, leaving a potentially valuable
> skill-based course for students who won't be headed to college off the
> books.
> Since we live in a town built around a manufacturing economy, it's
> quite likely that a number of our graduates won't head for college and
> instead need to be prepared to enter the workforce. While it might
> seem like this should be the job of a vocational/technical school, in
> fact our voc-tech programs are highly competitive, shutting out
> students who can still really benefit from whatever pre-employment
> 21st Century skills we can offer.
> Yet if I simply offer CAD as we teach it now, I'm doing it at the
> expense of the programming courses another subset of our students
> desperately needs. I could reduce the number of sections and attempt
> to strike a balance, but the licensing for AutoCAD is fairly
> expensive. Is it worth the price at 20-30 students per year?
> There are free and open source drafting tools, but they don't come
> anywhere close to the capabilities of AutoCAD. So what do we do? I
> would suggest that we change the CAD course to be "Technical Project
> Management." We could, at the same time, change the focus of the
> course from teaching a tool (AutoCAD) to teaching students to
> communicate well in a technical setting. How do we get our ideas
> across to one another? How do we ensure that our ideas are translated
> into working products? Through drawings. In this sense, free
> diagramming tools would be very appropriate as they are a piece of a
> much larger pie.
> What if the course were project-based? Design, test, and produce a
> product. This would require detailed drawings and schematics, but the
> communication with classmates graphically would be much more important
> than a particular tool. We could also incorporate budgeting, design
> tradeoffs, marketing, and sales, making the class accessible and
> usable for a far larger group of students.
> Will students be able to walk out of the class AutoCAD-certified? No,
> but they will be able to walk into a job and translate ideas to paper
> and ultimately to action. They will be able to read blueprints and
> understand scale, while also building teamwork and communication
> skills. This seems like a far more valuable set of skills than AutoCAD
> alone while still drawing heavily on the graphical documentation and
> communication so vital to modern manufacturing.
> What do you think? Is this a worthy compromise, or should CAD stay in
> a school centered in a manufacturing economy?
> Christopher Dawson
> Christopher Dawson is the technology director for the Athol-Royalston
> School District in northern Massachusetts. See his full profile and
> disclosure of his industry affiliations.
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