[Ubuntu-PH] Proposal: Merge of Tagalog to Filipino Translation

Dax Solomon Umaming knightlust at ubuntu.com
Sun Apr 19 06:14:37 UTC 2009

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Just want to give everyone an update regarding the status of our
translations. If you look at our LoCo Team Page, you'll notice that
Hiligaynon, Pampanga, Cebuano, Pangasinan, Iloko, and Bicol are already
assigned to our team[1]. I'm still working on the Filipino translation
and I'm in close coordination with Arne for this.

However, don't get too excited yet since there's still a lot of things
to do before we could start translating, like setting up Locales and
identifying plural forms. I'll be spending the next few days reading
through available docs and will post a new thread after I'm done so we
can start with the translations.

[QUOTE=jsgotangco;7092539]If I recall Jordi said this is a much better
thing to do upstream or use LP to do the translation and submit the
strings upstream (LP has a known reputation of not being able to push
upstream for some reason but it might not be the case now).[/QUOTE][2]

You're right, LP still doesn't push translations upstream so I'll take
charge of this and push them after we're done with the translations.

Also, I'm still awaiting Zak's reply regarding the ownership of our
Launchpad team (No, I'm still no Admin), so we can start reviewing what
has already been translated. I'll also contact you guys individually
(depending on your region - and your native language).


[1] https://translations.edge.launchpad.net/~loco-philippine-team
[2] http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=7098762
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