[Ubuntu-PH] HELP..Segmentation fault (core dump)

Zak B. Elep zakame at ubuntu.com
Tue Mar 4 04:16:33 UTC 2008

On 3/4/08, dodjaye macapaz <dodjaye_macapaz at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I have installed ubuntu 7.10 desktop..loaded with postfix, dovecot,
> fetchmail and squid..
> after my installation..everything goes well..It's been running for 3 days
> already..
> But now, I have observed some problems..the Wrong Password appear during su
> even the right password is supplied..tumutuloy nman sa root..so medyo ok
> lng..pero meron mga commands/applications na may "Segmentation Fault (core
> dumped) error like nano and rm...bug po ba toh? pano po kaya maayos?

Straight from the IT Crowd: "have you turned the thing off and on again?" :)

If so, can you check using strace (apt-get install strace, if it's not
there) and run `strace <command>' for those commands that are
segfaulting?  I'm quite surprised that even `rm' segfaulted: it could
be (I repeat, could be) a system compromise, or barring that, your
libc6 may need to be reinstalled.



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