[Ubuntu-PH] Is Xubuntu capable of running for 128MB Pentium 3 600MHz PC?

Allan E. Registos allan.registos at smpc.steniel.com.ph
Mon Jul 28 03:21:15 UTC 2008

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I love to.

(This will force me again to mention Linux Distributions other than
Ubuntu, kindly inform me if this is not in accordance to the rules
specific to this list. Thank you...)

My experience with Vector Linux is not good. The installer is
horrible, at least on Vector Linux Light edition.
The people who donated the aging PC wants the original OS to be used
instead (Windows 98!).
I started educating them of what is _FOSS_ and Linux in general and
the difference between them and MS Windows.

Configuring old computers is a headache. Non-working NICs,
malfunctioned power switch not to mention the aging 10Gb/below Hard
drives. I also have a 256MB P3 500MHz PC, to which I installed Ubuntu
7.10, runs smoothly though slow, after messing with Vector Linux. I
have tried Luit(DSL-based) in vmware, I'm not impress, but a better
installer than VL. Luit states this msg during bootup: "error: only
one processor found"...
Soon to be tested Zenwalk, Kate, fluxbuntu and Vector Linux Standard.

It is recommended that we will install first the distro on virtual
machine before doing it on physical hardware.

erle mantos wrote:
> Btw bro, kindly share your findings na rin. I have an AMD K6-2 500
> Mhz with 128 MB sa bahay just rotting. I'm also experimenting with
> looking for a suitable distribution so it can be used.
> On Sat, Jul 26, 2008 at 8:11 AM, Allan E. Registos
> <allan.registos at smpc.steniel.com.ph> wrote: Great choices,
> VectorLinux with KDE customization looks very promising.. Added to
> the list...
> erle mantos wrote:
>>>> Don't forget VectorLinux 5.9 Standard Edition. According to
>>>> their website, it only requires 128 MB of memory.
>>>> On Fri, Jul 25, 2008 at 3:17 PM, Allan E. Registos
>>>> <allan.registos at smpc.steniel.com.ph> wrote: Fluxbuntu comes
>>>> with Fluxbox environment. Windows users will get upset of
>>>> that new environment. If possible, I will use XFCE. The list
>>>> for my distro hunt will be:
>>>> xfld (Ubuntu based) Xubuntu Luit Linux KateOS Zenwalk
>>>> (Anyone can add to the list :) )
>>>> Cheers and thanks to all... Allan
>>>> GOvvin wrote:
>>>>>>> Prior to retiring my P3-650 laptop (192mb ram) I
>>>>>>> dual-booted with Win2k and XFCE/Ubuntu 5.04 in it
>>>>>>> (there was no Xubuntu then). Performance was way better
>>>>>>> compared to standard Gnome Ubuntu.
>>>>>>> If I have to make Linux run on a similar machine today,
>>>>>>> I'd try really hard to add more memory before
>>>>>>> installing Xubuntu it it, or choose another distro
>>>>>>> altogether. (Vector, Feather or Puppy).
>>>>>>> Caveat: After convincing users to switch platforms,
>>>>>>> don't forget to teach them about file portability.
>>>>>>> There are some users who think that once they use their
>>>>>>> word processor file from one PC, it is auto-magically
>>>>>>> usable in another computer. You'd be quite luck if
>>>>>>> another PC has OOo installed (more so with Abiword) it
>>>>>>> it but that's not very likely to be the case.
>>>>>>> I recently installed Abiword and Xubuntu on an aging
>>>>>>> computer. Though OOo is installed, the user prefers
>>>>>>> Abiword because it's faster and more responsive. One
>>>>>>> day, he ran out of ink and had to to use his neighbor's
>>>>>>> Windows computer but he can't open the file because
>>>>>>> Abiword is not available.
>>>>>>> Of course, I got the blame. I had to convince him that
>>>>>>> his computer is actually better, not only because it is
>>>>>>> no longer a virtual virus Petri dish, but its software
>>>>>>> is newer and can handle more formats than his
>>>>>>> neighbor's. He's still trying to get used to the
>>>>>>> radically different interface but not much complaints
>>>>>>> now.
>>>>>>> Cheers
>>>>>>> On Fri, Jul 25, 2008 at 2:22 PM, Jerome Gotangco
>>>>>>> <jgotangco at ubuntu.com <mailto:jgotangco at ubuntu.com>>
>>>>>>> wrote:
>>>>>>> On Fri, Jul 25, 2008 at 12:36 PM, erle mantos
>>>>>>> <emantos at gmail.com <mailto:emantos at gmail.com>> wrote:
>>>>>>>> why not install fluxbuntu directly ?
>>>>>>> Ahh I didn't know a community derivative existed. I
>>>>>>> just focused on what is available upstream and do the
>>>>>>> workaround. You can check Fluxbuntu in your setup but
>>>>>>> also check if it uses packages outside the Ubuntu
>>>>>>> repositories that might affect in your future setups.
>>>>>>> -- Jerome
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