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I think this is very timely* *=)


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UNESCO is launching a free practical guide to computer recycling for
entrepreneurs and project sponsors, on the occasion of a conference on
Digital Solidarity being held in Lyon (France).*

UNESCO's partners in this project are the French Environment and Energy
Management Agency (ADEME), French consultants Tic Ethic, non-governmental
organizations, Emmaüs Solidarité Ouagadougou and Ateliers du Bocage, along
with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO).

The publication of this guide comes amidst growing concern over the impact
computer equipment waste on health and environment. According to the
International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and the Gartner consultancy,
there will be almost 4 billion mobile telephones in use by the end of this
year, while the number of personal computers has already passed the billion
mark. The good news behind these figures is that the digital divide is
shrinking - 58% of computers are in developed countries but, this share is
expected to drop to 30% by 2014 when the total number of personal computers
should reach two billion. But there is another side to the coin: this year,
almost 180 million computers have been replaced by new machines, and an
estimated 35 million computers dumped, despite the toxic substances they

The Entrepreneur's Guide to Computer Recycling is published in English, and
will soon also be available in French. The purpose of the guide is to help
develop the skills required to handle the growing flux of waste generated by
the market for new and used computers so as to protect the environment and
public health. This global problem particularly affects developing

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