[Ubuntu-PH] Get Involved. Be a part of advancing ICT for the people.

rick rbahaguejr at gmail.com
Fri Aug 22 04:46:15 UTC 2008

 *Get Involved.* *Be a part of advancing ICT for the people. Join the
Computer Professionals' Union.*

The Computer Professionals' Union with its new effort to be actively
involved in many IT-related issues that affect the Filipino people is
initiating a new membership drive to unite more computer professionals on
our advocacy. We are thus, inviting you to sign-up and be a member of the
CP-Union. We will then be sending you an invitation to our get-together
activity on the last week of August.

The new site for the organization is at www.cp-union.com. All our advocacies
and positions are found on the said site. You can also browse new activities
which you can support and be involved.

The registration page is at
http://www.cp-union.com/content/cpu-membership-form. We will wait for your
filled-up form using the online tool until the 27th of August. If you are
able to sign-up before the said date, please reserve the 31st of August
(Sunday) for our get-together activity. We will set-up a video stream for
members outside the country and Metro manila.

The CP-Union has been active not only on Free and Open Source Advocacy but
also on ICT-related concerns that impacts the grassroots. We made a stand on
the GMA's National Broadband Network last year. We joined txtpower.org in
opposing the text tax pushed again by GMA early this year. Of course, we are
one with the open source community in supporting the Free and Open Source
Bill initiated by the Office of Representative Teddy Casino in the
Philippine Congress.

The CP-Union leads on a number Free and Open Source advocacy effort in the
country. We have primarily targeted students and NGOs for our free trainings
and demonstrations. We coordinate the global Software Freedom Day yearly,
since 2004.

We are proud to have developed, maintained and GPLed the third Human Rights
Violations documentation system in the world. Karapatan-Monitor is also the
only web-based system existing for this particular segment.

This year we will be releasing another documentation system for NGOs. Our
members are on the final stage of polishing the Violence Against Women
Documentation System. This will greatly benefit many Women's organizations
in the world.

We continue to be involved in the propagation of Drupal content management
system - we are the first organization to organize a Drupal Code Sprint in
the country benefiting NGOs. we have provided consultations and have
implemented more than 20 Drupal sites for different NGOs since last year
under our Project People's Web. These efforts made us experts in
implementing Drupal sites for advocacy groups and NGOs.

Our active members are eager to share with you these achievements. We learn
from each other. We share our skills. We go beyond being members of our
forums and mailing-lists.

Our efforts are linked with the struggle of the Filipino people to improve
their situation. Our projects are based on their needs. Our training modules
are for their benefit. They are our clients, our project managers. We
advance ICT for their benefit.

Join us.

Be part of CP-Union's effort to advance information and communications
technology for the people.

Advancing ICT for the People,

Rick Bahague
Preparatory Committee Member
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