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Allan E. Registos allan.registos at smpc.steniel.com.ph
Wed Aug 13 02:25:36 UTC 2008

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I am afraid that this is not a formal proposal.

For Payroll:
An beta web-based PHP software for payroll based on WebERP.
This will not interface with bundy or any time-clocks. This payroll
software was designed for the Philippine payroll system.
The software was labeled beta, so do not expect too much.

This is also a PHP/web-based software, therefore it will run on any
Operating System on the planet. It is feature complete, stable,
reliable and ready for production use. Except for one thing, there is
no tax-computation for the Philippines, tax computations are available
only for the US, Canada and I think Costa Rica.  If you know PHP, you
can extend timetrex to compute the Philippine tax system. Timetrex
developers at the forum will guide you on how to do this. This
software also can be used to connect to bundy clocks, barcode
scanners, etc., with the paid version.

Proprietary Payroll software is expensive. The last time I inquired
from the net, the amount was more than 200k.

System for Registrar office:
You can search sourceforge.net and other similar hosting sites to
search for the software with the right keywords.
Searching sourceforge with these keywords "education grading" gives me
405 results.


Ramon Sagullo wrote:
> Ladies and Gentlemen,
> I would appreciate if you can submit a formal proposal for our
> needs:
> 1. Payroll system (that can interface with a Bundy or Time Clock)
> 2. System for the Registrar's office
> Stating the obvious, the above systems are expected to run on
> Ubuntu.
> I was handed yesterday a Trial Software, advertised for P4,999.00,
> payable in 10 months, with the following features:
> *Main System *Student Information *Student Accounts *Grading System
>  *Accounting System *Various Reports *Admin Tools *System Setup
> Caveat, it is a Windows-only program.
> I have not tried the mentioned software, so I cannot assess its
> pros and cons. We may opt to use three of our remaining Windows
> desktops if we cannot have an Ubuntu alternative.
> Thank you, and I am looking forward to your proposals.
> Mon Sagullo
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