[Ubuntu-PH] Is Xubuntu capable of running for 128MB Pentium 3

Allan E. Registos allan.registos at smpc.steniel.com.ph
Sat Aug 2 00:36:14 UTC 2008

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I have tested Vector light 5.9. It is fast, but when I installed
Firefox then goto youtube watching flash videos, it freezes the whole
system. A minute later, the system was unusable. Vector is not the
right distro on this machine, despite of it claims that it can run at
64MB and I have 128MB with P3 990MHz. Previously, it was stable as I
installed CentOS on it with KDE 3.2. Last night, I run and installed
fluxbuntu 7.10 rc on it and will have my feedbacks later this
afternoon from the students who will be using the system.
Unfortunately we need Firefox, I'm afraid if I am going to install it
on fluxbuntu, the same thing will happen.

My other machine, a P3 550MHz,  256MB. Again, Vector Linux light is
buggy, and to my opinion is not ready, at least on this machine. The
whole system will become unusable within minutes of usage, specially
if you have 3 to 4 tabs of Firefox and one of them is a youtube
channel. I replaced it with Windows XP SP2, as expected the  whole
system was stable for two days now even with Youtube videos running!
It is because Firefox was very stable in Windows. I dearly advice to
all new Linux users not to use this Vector linux.

I think I can now convince myself to use Debian or Redhat/CentOS, not
derivative but a native Debian or CentOS with a light window manager.
DSL might be an exception as it was being said as stable on old machines.



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