[Ubuntu-PH] Install debian linux in floppies

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Wed Oct 31 05:29:16 UTC 2007

however you install...looking at the computer specs...I'd suggest you to
use Xubuntu...just because it is based on XFCE. XFCE is light and
perfectly suited for computers with old hardware, slower CPU speeds and
lesser RAM.

Gnome or KDE which can run slow on your laptop.

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Subject: [Ubuntu-PH] Install debian linux in floppies
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I would like to ask the list if anybody can point me to a direction on
how to install linux using floppies. I have an old IBM laptop, about 60
mhz and 48MB ram with 2.9 GB of HD. Its running windows 98 now.

I want to convert it to linux rig that would be capable of playing music
and doing light wordprocessing. The problem is it only have a floppy
disk drive and it has no networking capacity (no ethernet, modem). I
once used a wifi PCMCIA card before to network it with the Internet.

Is there a linux dist with debian based that can fit into several
floppies. Also that can have X server and blackbox as WM?

Thanks for any help.


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