[Ubuntu-PH] Hosed my System

Ryan Bayona ryan at gbsmanila.com
Sat Oct 27 08:16:06 UTC 2007

Hi Roy,
	i used the CD to upgrade my dapper drake to feisty fawn. i opted not to
use the online upgrade because my internet here is slow, and so i just
downloaded and burn feisty fawn in our office.

On Sat, 2007-10-27 at 15:23 +0800, roy choco wrote:
> Hi,
> Thanks.  I've come to the conclusion that I would need to upgrade
> using the cd.  And I'm too much of a noob in linux to be monkeying too
> much for the online upgrade to fail.  My own upgrade from Edgy to
> Feisty also failed.  I thought that was because I installed automatix.
> So while using Feisty, I usually just used the add-remove utility.  
> Although I think that I did install a couple of packages manually,
> using instructions from the internet, and I did monkey around with the
> setting of xorg when I upgraded my video card. 
> I'm just glad to hear I'm not the only one that experience such
> difficulties. :) 
> Thanks again.
> On 10/27/07, Bopolissimus Platypus Jr <bopolissimus.lists at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>         On 10/25/07, roy choco <roychoco at gmail.com > wrote:
>         > I was trying to upgrade to Kubuntu Gutsy yesterday,  I
>         encountered some
>         > problems while gutsy was installing, ling story short,  I
>         think I hosed my
>         > system.   All the stupid things I did can be read  at 
>         >
>         >
>         http://batongpatay.blogspot.com/2007/10/upgrading-to-gutsy.html
>         >
>         > Any help, including telling me how stupid I am will be
>         appreciated :) 
>         I've done that thrice (online upgrade, Dapper to Edgy, Edgy to
>         Feisty,
>         Feisty to Gutsy).  It has never worked flawlessly for me.
>         http://monotremetech.blogspot.com/2007/05/online-feisty-upgrade-washout-again.html
>         For Edgy to Feisty I gave up and installed from CD.  I think I
>         might
>         have found a
>         way to get Dapper to Edgy to work, but I don't remember.  I'm
>         afraid I 
>         might need
>         to reinstall again for Gutsy.  Mainly, my online upgrades
>         would fail because the
>         .deb system that Ubuntu uses is a bit too inflexible for
>         me.  Or I'm
>         messing with
>         my system too much and it's my fault.  Or both.  For instance,
>         at one or another 
>         point I would just rm -f a file from /etc/init.d because I'm
>         too lazy
>         to inactivate it
>         the right way.  Trying to apt-get remove the package that owns
>         that
>         file would then
>         fail (sometimes requiring dpkg --configure -a to fix). 
>         Sometimes too (I think this was with courier related packages
>         during
>         the Dapper to
>         Edgy update), more than one package thinks it owns a given
>         file.
>         Uninstalling one
>         file makes the other package unable to uninstall since it
>         won't 
>         uninstall if it can't
>         find a file it's supposed to delete.  Now *that* I think is a
>         weakness
>         in the rules for
>         that particular package.  Existence of a file that is going to
>         be
>         deleted anyway should 
>         not block an uninstall from completing, it should just skip
>         the file
>         since the effect would
>         be the same anyway.  I think what I ended up doing (since I
>         knew how
>         to use strace
>         and still don't know how to read .debs) was strace the
>         uninstaller, 
>         figure out what
>         file it was missing, and touch the file so that it would have
>         an empty
>         file to remove :-).
>         I've tried the gutsy online update already.  I would say that
>         you
>         probably should *not*
>         accept any console errors if things go wrogn.  Instead, figure
>         out and
>         fix each error
>         as it appears (e.g., creating missing files, if that's what's
>         required, or apt-get removing
>         the package that is just breaking before continuing the
>         upgrade). 
>         When the upgrade
>         completes cleanly, then you would just reinstall any packages
>         you removed.
>         Of course, the problem with this is that some packages are
>         needed by
>         too many other
>         packages and you can easily break X or similar.  If that goes
>         on too 
>         long, well then,
>         just reinstall from CD.  I'm probably going to try working out
>         the
>         online upgrade for
>         the next few days (holiday on monday, after all).  If I can't
>         get
>         everything working
>         by Nov 5, then I'll install from CD. 
>         I'm sure that for naive users, the online upgrade works pretty
>         well.
>         The problem is,
>         I install packages from universe, I upgrade some packages and
>         not others, I
>         use some packages from Trevin0, I install some things from
>         source.  Sometimes 
>         I'll install/upgrade from source without removing the
>         corresponding package via
>         apt-get or synaptic :-).  The ubuntu packages don't seem to be
>         engineered for that
>         sort of chaos.  All of that is understandable and as
>         expected.  Inconvenient for 
>         me though.  And if you've been monkeying with your system at a
>         level lower than
>         synaptic, then you've probably broken your system in similar
>         ways,
>         which is why it
>         won't upgrade now.
>         tiger
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