[Ubuntu-PH] Hosed my System

Bopolissimus Platypus Jr bopolissimus.lists at gmail.com
Sat Oct 27 05:48:07 UTC 2007

On 10/25/07, roy choco <roychoco at gmail.com> wrote:
> I was trying to upgrade to Kubuntu Gutsy yesterday,  I encountered some
> problems while gutsy was installing, ling story short,  I think I hosed my
> system.   All the stupid things I did can be read  at
> http://batongpatay.blogspot.com/2007/10/upgrading-to-gutsy.html
> Any help, including telling me how stupid I am will be appreciated :)

I've done that thrice (online upgrade, Dapper to Edgy, Edgy to Feisty,
Feisty to Gutsy).  It has never worked flawlessly for me.


For Edgy to Feisty I gave up and installed from CD.  I think I might
have found a
way to get Dapper to Edgy to work, but I don't remember.  I'm afraid I
might need
to reinstall again for Gutsy.  Mainly, my online upgrades would fail because the
.deb system that Ubuntu uses is a bit too inflexible for me.  Or I'm
messing with
my system too much and it's my fault.  Or both.  For instance, at one or another
point I would just rm -f a file from /etc/init.d because I'm too lazy
to inactivate it
the right way.  Trying to apt-get remove the package that owns that
file would then
fail (sometimes requiring dpkg --configure -a to fix).

Sometimes too (I think this was with courier related packages during
the Dapper to
Edgy update), more than one package thinks it owns a given file.
Uninstalling one
file makes the other package unable to uninstall since it won't
uninstall if it can't
find a file it's supposed to delete.  Now *that* I think is a weakness
in the rules for
that particular package.  Existence of a file that is going to be
deleted anyway should
not block an uninstall from completing, it should just skip the file
since the effect would
be the same anyway.  I think what I ended up doing (since I knew how
to use strace
and still don't know how to read .debs) was strace the uninstaller,
figure out what
file it was missing, and touch the file so that it would have an empty
file to remove :-).

I've tried the gutsy online update already.  I would say that you
probably should *not*
accept any console errors if things go wrogn.  Instead, figure out and
fix each error
as it appears (e.g., creating missing files, if that's what's
required, or apt-get removing
the package that is just breaking before continuing the upgrade).
When the upgrade
completes cleanly, then you would just reinstall any packages you removed.

Of course, the problem with this is that some packages are needed by
too many other
packages and you can easily break X or similar.  If that goes on too
long, well then,
just reinstall from CD.  I'm probably going to try working out the
online upgrade for
the next few days (holiday on monday, after all).  If I can't get
everything working
by Nov 5, then I'll install from CD.

I'm sure that for naive users, the online upgrade works pretty well.
The problem is,
I install packages from universe, I upgrade some packages and not others, I
use some packages from Trevin0, I install some things from source.  Sometimes
I'll install/upgrade from source without removing the corresponding package via
apt-get or synaptic :-).  The ubuntu packages don't seem to be
engineered for that
sort of chaos.  All of that is understandable and as expected.  Inconvenient for
me though.  And if you've been monkeying with your system at a level lower than
synaptic, then you've probably broken your system in similar ways,
which is why it
won't upgrade now.


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