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Wed Oct 24 10:01:50 UTC 2007

Your environment seems like paradise to me :). Yes, you can port your MySQL
db in Windows to MySQL Linux anytime. It's just a matter of dumping it

For mail clients, you can use Evolution for that Outlook-like feel, or you
can go Mozilla Thunderbird. There's Skype for Linux, and you can use Kopete
or GAIM for YM. Then again, you can also go and chat in Yahoo Mail nowadays

Last hurdle will be the user side, however, this can be remedied by the
training you're requesting :).

Good luck!

On 10/24/07, ryan <ryan at gbsmanila.com> wrote:
>  I agree. To answer some of your questions:
> What specific applications does your organization use?
>             -MS Office   (OpenOffice)
>             -PDF Reader                                    (I don't know
> the linux equivalent of the next three)
>             -Email Client (Outlook)
>             -Instant Messengers (Skype and YM)
> Are there custom-developed applications? If yes, what
> platform/framework/API/libraries are they running on?
>             -All custom-developed applications are web-based.
> What type/brand/specifications does your workstations and server have? Do
> these hardware have support on Ubuntu/Linux?
>             -All PC run on Intel P4 processor, 64 MB video card, 256MB
> RAM, 40GB HDD. They are willing to add more RAM if necessary.
> What database environments does your organization currently run on? Can
> the database environment be migrated to Linux?
> -         I think MYSQL can run into Ubuntu J
> Thanks !

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