[Ubuntu-PH] Gmail crashes in Firefox

estudyanteako at gmail.com estudyanteako at gmail.com
Mon Mar 26 02:20:21 UTC 2007

Hi guys,

Ask lang po ako ng help about gmail crashing sa firefox everytime n
magsignout ako. Pag nagsi-sign out lang tlg sya nagcracrash. tpos minsan
nmn, pag like mga 4hours ng nkabukas ung gmail ko then signout, everything
is ok nmn. I read some advice n i turn off dw ung adblock or uninstall flash
ng firefox. Another advice din is to uninstall all your extensions..

Ung sa latter n advice, ang ginawa ko is gumawa n lang ako ng another
profile n wlang khit anong extension.. pero nag crash p rin ang gmail ko
nung nag sign out ulit ako.. then ung first n advice, wl nmn akong adblock
or flashblock so i tried n lang uninstall ang flashplayer.. im trying to
search for the flashplayer.xpt kso unsuccessful ako .. the reference n gamit
ko is http://plugindoc.mozdev.org/faqs/flash.html#install-linux..  I have 3
firefox version sa pc ko .. I dont know kung makakaaffect ito, please do
tell me if makakaaffect nga .. ble ung mga installations ko are the ffg:
Firefox 1.0 - di ko lam san to eh, ito n ung native sa ubuntu version ko
(breezy badger)
Firefox 1.5 - /opt/firefox
Firefox 2.0 - /my/home/directory/firefox

dun sa last 2 folders, i cant find the said flashplayer.xpt . I also dont
recall that I installed the flashplayer, maybe I did but I cant remember :(

If there is a better way how to install 3 firefox versions, please do tell
me.. I always use kc the synaptic to install new software kaya pag nag
ma-manual install ako ng mga bagong tools like this, kung saan saan lang ..
hehehe ..

Btw, I also would like to get the new Feisty pag dumating n ito to be used
in our office.. I really plan to make a fresh install ng ubuntu kso i think
I cant come dun sa party n sinasabi. What is the other way to get a copy of
that? We are located in Imus, Cavite.

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