[Ubuntu-PH] kino frames speed up

Tiger Quimpo bopolissimus at gmail.com
Sun Mar 4 08:17:51 UTC 2007

Hi all,

Does anyone use kino on Edgy? I've got a problem with it, and I'm not
sure if it's something I'm doing wrogn, or if it's a bug (possibly in
kino, but also possibly in the command line tools kino uses).

I've got some AVI files from a digital camera.  I'd like to convert them
to MPEG for upload to youtube.  I've done this before (with Dapper).
That worked pretty well.  I've since installed Edgy (not upgraded,
reinstalled) and now when I open the AVI and say yes to the convert to
DV format dialog, the video runs at very high speed.  It's as if most of
the frames were dropped.  There's a high frame dropping rate note on the
kino site that has to do with hard drive DMA settings, but my drive uses
DMA already. And anyway, I'm not capturing a video in realtime, I'm just
converting a file, so there's no rush and no need to drop any frames,
the process could take as long as it wanted to, if necessary.

Has anyone seen this? Any tips?  I'd prefer to stick with Kino, but if
someone recommends some other graphical tool, I'll use that.  I'd rather
not get into writing scripts and using the command line tools though.

I did try the tools in mjpegtools, but lav2mpeg fails at the audio
decoding stage and I gave up pretty early.


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