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Know a lot more about how to advocate FOSS.


In August 2004 the campaign jointly launched it's two biggest projects: the
Go_Open television series and the Geek Freedom League.

"Go_Open was a 13 part television series dedicated to free and open source
software which ran on SABC 2. Hosted by local comedian John Vlismas, the
show introduced the concept of open source to non-technical South Africans
and is in the process of being syndicated to other African countries,"
Theunissen says.

"In the spirit of open source, the entire series has been released under a
creative commons license and is freely available for download from the
Internet," he adds.

Looking at the campaign's second large-scale project, Shuttleworth says the
Geek Freedom League was formed as a society for open source enthusiasts
wanting to drive the open source message to the masses.

A true community project, the Freedom League has, to date, signed up nearly
5000 members across the country who promote the use of open source software
and assist newcomers to migrate off their current proprietary systems.

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