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*Free software for non-profit organizations*

On the philippine daily inquirer today, the initial report/press statement
of Prof. Alston, the UN Special Rapporteur that "inquire(d) into the
phenomenon of extrajudicial executions" of lawyers, journalists, and
activists; which is now more than
800 individuals, was released and is blaming the military as the main
perpetrator for the current political killings.

you can just read the inquirer for details.

On that article too, stopthekillings.org was featured as the main reference
for the data published by PDI

outside the realm of business etc which is now increasingly using Free
software, different peoples' organizations and NGOs are also starting to
FOSS. But unlike businesses, these organizations do not have the
capacity to provide payments to consultants to

implement relevant FOSS solutions.

The Computer Professionals' Union <http://www.cp-union.org> is involving
itself to the implementation and  use of FOSS for these organizations. We
have created the stopthekillings.org which is now the main source of
information on the current political killings in the country using drupal
4.7. On that site also, we created simple php scripts to map locations of
killings. Data are all stored in a MySQL
database. We have other plans for these campaigns and would require
more FOSS volunteers, committed to help these organizations.

The CPU is opening its membership/volunteer program on the above context. If
you are willing to help us propagate and implement FOSS on the non-profit
sector please visit http://www.cp-union.org/cms/?q=node/4. We would like to
see you in the Union. We will then set a get-to-know/get-together coffee
party in the coming weeks..

Advancing ICT and FOSS for the People,

Rick Bahague
Membership Committee, CPU
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