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Tue Aug 14 05:56:51 UTC 2007

I agree...Vista still has an upper edge when it comes to Media Center

Ubuntu has a long way to go there....MythTV exists...but to install it
and configure it you need to have a good linux skills...even if you
doing it through a walkthrough.

UBUNTU - LINUX FOR HUMANS (that don't watch TV {atleast not on their
computers}) :)
By the way i found this page, that tells a lot about speeding up your
linux box...

try it if you havent already done it.


On Tue, 2007-08-14 at 14:00 +0800, Allan E. Registos wrote:

> Thats a great idea...but i am sure you can use TV tuner cards with
> Dell via USB....in fact it doesnt matter if its HP or Dell...or
> anything....
> You can use USB TV Tuner Cards and I am sure there's support for that
> in the community.
> Google it and see...i already have a lot of users using TV Tuner with
> Ubuntu USB
> Nice tips.  There are of course T.V. cards supported under Linux. But
> my sister is not a techie and I'm here in the Philippines, so my help
> is limited. Of course, I can provide her with phone and IM support,
> but in case if things doesn't work, I will be in trouble with her
> husband. So the easiest thing to do for me was to let her buy the
> inferior and DRM infested Vista. I have no choice. As in my case here,
> I have no choice but dual-boot Linux and WinXP.
> -- 
>   Google 
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