[Ubuntu-PH] "Powered by Ubuntu" stickers

Jerome Gotangco jgotangco at ubuntu.com
Tue Aug 14 03:50:01 UTC 2007

On 8/14/07, Allan E. Registos <allan.registos at smpc.steniel.com.ph> wrote:
>  My suggestion is convert your Ubuntu to look like a Mac, install Mac themes and Beryl to behave like the animation effects found in MacOSx. If this will not work, buy a real OSX, and go to auction.ph.
>  My humble opinion... :)

Heh, I still don't get this theming stuff, the GNOME desktop (or KDE)
has enough bling to satisfy me while not using OSX.

>  Also, few months ago, I installed successfully the Mac-Intel modified image of OS X tiger 10.4. It is so wonderful to run Mac on your Intel P4 computer. I will not recommend you do this since it is illegal to install Mac OSX on your Intel PC if you do not own a Mac and if you are not a Mac developer.

That's right, not to mention that you will most likely go over the
trouble of looking for drivers for stuff that won't work in your
machine. The reason why Mac hardware is a joy to use and tinker with
is that you know that you have a defined set of everything - from the
hardware to the software making it easier to focus on what you would
like to do. Sure its the perfect example of a closed environment, from
hardware to software (well not really, the XNU kernel *is* open
source), but the integration is quite good that some say its the
perfect hardware for Windows hehe...


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