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***************************START OF NEWS********************************

The Philippines, through the Department of Science and Technology and
its attached agency, the Advanced Science and Technology Institute, will
be hosting the 23rd Asia Pacific Advanced Network (APAN) conference on
January 22-26, 2007. The event will be held at the EDSA Shangri-la
Hotel, Ortigas Business District, Mandaluyong City.

For more information on the 23rd APAN conference, please go to this
link: http://www.apan.net/meetings/manila2007/index.html

The APAN conference is a biannual meeting held among APAN member
countries. The 5-day event highlights tutorials, oral presentations and
demonstrations covering topics on advanced network technologies and
applications. Local participants are given the opportunity to interact
with researchers and practitioners from member countries.

There will be various sessions covering the use of advanced networking
topics in the following tracks: Network Technology, Application
Technology, Natural Resource, and e-Collaborations.


Session Title: Routing Coordination Workshop
Schedule/Time: 22.01.2007 / 09:00-15:30
Objective: The workshop aims to discuss the routing coordination scheme,
methodology, and possible tools for APAN and related networks.
Target Audience: Routing Engineers, Routing Researchers

Session Title: IPv6 Task Workshop
Schedule/Time: 23.01.2007 / 11:00-17:30
Objective: The workshop aimes to share information about the IPv6
technology, deployment, operation and migration among participants.
Target Audience: Researchers, Application Developers, NOC folks

Session Title: Network Engineering Workshop
Schedule/Time: 24.01.2007 / 09:00-17:30
Objective: The workshop aims to encourage collaborations: among network
engineers; among NOC folks; and between network engineers and NOC folks
Target Audience: Network Technology Researchers, NOC folks, Security
Session Topics:
1. Performance and Measurement
2. Routing
3. NOC Tools
4. Network Plan and Updates

Session Title: Joint Workshop of Security and Network Engineering
Schedule/Time: 25.01.2007 / 09:00-12:30
Objective: The workshop aims to: (1) increase network security awareness
among APAN community members; (2) facilitate the exchange of experiences
and knowledge in network security technologies and issues; and (3)
encourage security-related collaboration among APAN community members
Target Audience: Researchers, Scientists, Network Engineers
Session Topics (Tentative):
1. NOC Security
2. Network Security
3. (IPv6-related Security Issues)
4. (Honeypot Implementation)
5. (Illegal Traffic Detection by Traffic Monitoring)

Session Title: Lambda Networking BoF
Schedule/Time: 25.01.2007 / 14:00-15:30
Objective: The session aims to: (1) provide an update on lambda
networking; (2) facilitate sharing of experiences; and (3) generate
momentum towards lambda networking in the Region.
Traget Audience: Those engaged or interested in lambda networking,
Network engineers, Network Designers, Managers of National Research


Session Title: SIP Tutorial
Schedule/Time: 22.01.2007 / 09:00-17:30
Objective: The tutorial aims to discuss and share knowledge and
experiences on advanced SIP topics among participants.
Target Audience: Researchers working with SIP
Session Topics:
1. Introduction to IP Telephony and SIP
2. Global SIP Dialing Plan (SIP.edu, ISN, ENUM)
3. SIP Authentication Mechanism
4. SIP-Based VoIPv6 System
5. Prepaid Service for SIP VoIP System
6. Voicemail and Gateway Service in Asterisk
7. Instant Message and Presence Service
8. NAT Traversal

Session Title: HDTV Workshop
Schedule/Time: 23.01.2007 / 14:00-17:30
Objective: The session aims to provide attendees with an opportunity to
discuss the latest development around the network-based delivery of HD
(high-definition) video technology.
Target Audience: APAN Technology Oriented folks

Session Title: Medical Workshop
Schedule/Time: 24-25.01.2007 / 09:00-17:30
Objective: The workshop aims to establish a medical network with
high-quality moving image on a broadband Internet in the Asia-Pacific
Target Audience: Medical Doctors, Co-Medicals, Engineers, Researchers
Session Topics: The workshop will have as resource speakers medical
doctors and local network engineers from various countries in the
Asia-Pacific Region. Sessions will have live demonstrations of advanced
medical procedures or video teleconference, connecting multiple stations
in AP and Europe.


Schedule/Time: 22-25.01.2007 / 09:00-17:30
Details on content to be announced later.


Session Title: EGEE Tutorial
Schedule/Time: 22.01.2007 / 09:00-17:30
Objective: The tutorial aims to give an introduction to Grid Computing
and the international EGEE grid project. The tutorial will provide an
overview of the EGEE Grid middleware and technology, as well as hands-on
experience of the current middleware.
Target Audience: User Communities deploying Grid Infrastructure

Session Title: Global Collaboration
Schedule/Time: 23.01.2007 / 11:00-15:30
Target Audience: Network Operators, Scientists

Session Title: e-Science Workshop: Exploring e-Science
Schedule/Time: 24.01.2007 / 09:00-15:30
Objective: The workshop aims to present or demonstrate e-Science
projects in the participating countries.
Target Audience: Reseachers/Users/Engineers, People interested in
e-Science activities

Session Title: e-Culture Workshop
Schedule/Time: 25.01.2007 / 09:00-12:30
Objective: The workshop aims to bring together participants from the
academe, industry and government to learn and discuss about e-Culture
activities in the APAN countries. e-Culture is an interdisciplinary
research which covers contemporary politics, economics, social issues,
and culture.
Target Audience: E-Learning, Museum, Digital Archive, Educator,
Librarian, Anthropologist, Historian

Session Title: Grid-Middleware Workshop
Schedule/Time: 25.01.2007 / 14:00-17:30
Objective: The workshop aims to brign together participants from the
academe, industry, and government to learn and discuss about grid and
middleware activities in the APAN countries. The workshop is jointly
organized by the middleware WG and the Grid Committee.
Target Audience: Researchers, Engineers, Students
Session Topics:
1. Medical Grid System in Thailand
2. Parametric Modeling on the Grid with Nimrod/G
3. An Overview of Current Issues in Shibboleth/Grid Integration
4. A Privacy Oriented Attribute Exchange in Shibboleth
5. An Analysis of Attribute Aggregtaion Techniques
6. Eduroam-JP Update

ASTI spearheads the Local Organizing Committee for the 23rd APAN
meeting. Those who are interested to attend the event may visit the
event website, or you may send your e-mail inquiries to
apan2007manila at gmail.com.

Please feel free to disseminate this information. This article is also
posted on www.pregi.net.

*******************************END OF NEWS******************************

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