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> Subject: [Ubuntu-PH] Arguments agains persecution by Microsoft-centric
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> Dear fellow Ubunteros,
>   I have been using Ubuntu for more than a year now and its only that I am
> being persecuted by the office for damaging the office-issued laptop because
> I run ubuntu in it.
>   Its a Dell Latitude C840 laptop and the problem is that the LCD went
> dead, on power up it turns to washed out white screen. It has the same issue
> also when its running in Windows. Then they send to Dell for repair and now
> its happen again. The office refused to send to Dell service center again
> because according to them I damaged it because I am using Ubuntu and not
> Windows.
>   This is a Microsoft-centric office and its very easy for the
> organization to blame Linux in general as damaging to PCs. I have been
> running Ubuntu and other FOSS applications to show them that there is an
> alternative to buying sinful software licenses.
>   We are a development organization, helping poor island communities and
> we have spend more than 300,000 pesos just for software licenses when that
> money can go a long way for facilitating development activities in poor
> communities.
>   Can I just ask some help how to argue myself that or how to go about it
> that Ubuntu or any Linux did not cause the damage to the LCD of this laptop?
>   Wilson
>   (ssdo)
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This reminds me of my experience when I was blamed for a hard disk failure
as I installed Windows XP.  Sabi daw, sinira ng Windows XP ung hard disk..
dapat daw kasi Windows 98.

Tama ung nagsabi na ang burden of proof ay sa kanila.  Let them think for
themselves how stupid they are to say such a thing.

The thing is, did Dell said anything about Ubuntu damaging their product?
They must know, right?  but since they didn't said anything like that then
Linux should NOT be blamed.

Kapag ganyan ang pagiisip ng kasama mo... parang gusto kong sabihan ng "Eto
ang tawag dito ay keyboard, eto ay monitor, at eto ang CPU.. now you think
you know everything about computers?  Then shut up!"

Sorry, got carried away. :)

David Tacasa Asuncion, Jr.
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