[Ubuntu-PH] Arguments agains persecution by Microsoft-centric office

Alvin Gutierrez alvinbg at gmail.com
Fri Nov 24 06:27:55 UTC 2006

Barbon Wilson John wrote:
> Dear fellow Ubunteros,
> I have been using Ubuntu for more than a year now and its only that I
> am being persecuted by the office for damaging the office-issued
> laptop because I run ubuntu in it.
This really is a lousy argument, but unfortunately very common. When I
implemented Ubuntu on all our company desktops, poor Dapper gets blamed
for every imaginable thing that went wrong!

You already told them that the LCD problem exists even when you're
running windows. Seems that their resistance is so great, they're not
even willing to listen to you. In my case, I conducted a lot of
orientation/awareness discussions with users -- before and after
migration. And (quite subtly, I must say), always emphasized that Ubuntu
is not the problem, but their mindsets are. Top management should
support your direction if you want it to work out.


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