[Ubuntu-PH] Should we be bothered?

Charles Yao ccyao at greenleecp.com
Thu Nov 16 07:29:54 UTC 2006

Srry to say this, but as a user, FOSS is not necessarily more efficient. It does have benefits. For the ordinary user, the problem with drivers and compatibility with common software is still a problem. Maybe from a programmers view FOSS is more efficient, as he can play around with the software. But the end user just want something that works out of the box without any hassles. This is one of the problems I encounter in my company, Im reluctant to add  more Ubuntu machines since im not sure if the will work with the current printer scanners etc that we have. the last time I did it it took me weeks before everything worked, compared to alsmost immediately on our macs and windows machines.

Change is inevitable, but change to what? If FOSS wants to be the dominant force in desktop or server computing it still has a long way to go. especially on the desktop side.

Jerome Gotangco <jgotangco at gmail.com> wrote: There are just some people who prefer to stay in their comfort zones.
One of the basic rules of life is that change is always inevitable.
Unfortunately, most of the software industry, especially those very
comfortable in their spheres, prefer it their way instead of the
efficient way.

I am not saying that FOSS is the most efficient, but it has proven to
be with proper handling and study. More brains are always better than
a few paid ones. Passion is a differentiating factor.


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