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Zak B. Elep zakame at ubuntu.com
Sat Feb 4 06:30:10 UTC 2006

Heya Dom!

[This seems ripe for a call-for-developers type of reply, so I'm putting
my Ubuntu hat on!  And re-posting to ubuntu-ph :-)]

On 2/4/06, Dominique Cimafranca <dominique.cimafranca at gmail.com> wrote:
>  7) Ubuntu in the Philippines
>  The Philippines seems to have a very vibrant Linux community.  In the
> past 12 weeks, we've shipped 57,000 CDs to the Philippines.  However,
> I would like to see more participation from the Philippines in the
> project development itself.

Hmm, I daresay this is a call for more Filipino Ubuntu
developer{,-hopeful}s out there ;) But that doesn't mean Ubuntu only
needs software developers; we also need work on the following areas
(caveat: from the top of my head, there could be other areas I haven't

 - Localization: Translation work of core Ubuntu documentation and apps
   to Tagalog is underway, and I believe l10n to other Filipino
   languages is planned once the core systems have been translated for
   tl_PH.  However, there's also much work to be done with translating
   POTs for Gnome 2, OpenOffice.org 2, and Firefox, so if you're up to
   it (hell, even if you're not _that good_ in deep Tagalog, just have a
   working vocabulary ;) go get a Launchpad[0] account and join the
   Ubuntu Tagalog Translators (ubuntu-l10n-tl)[1] to start `smoking
   POTs'! :P

   [0]  https://launchpad.net
   [1]  https://launchpad.net/people/ubuntu-l10n-tl

 - Documentation: There has been a thread[2] on Ubuntu-Sounder about
   people outside Ubuntu writing their own documentation without
   collaborating with the Ubuntu DocTeam[3].  While that is not
   altogether discouraged, I think a lot of duplicate efforts would be
   saved if these persons were to work with the DocTeam on their chosen
   area of documentation.  If you have a HOWTO in mind or a guide for
   doing some cool stuff with Ubuntu, just browse the DocTeam wikipage
   or find your niche at #ubuntu-doc on FreeNode.

   [2]  https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/sounder/2006-February/003934.html
   [3]  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocumentationTeam

 - Artwork: Have you seen Ubuntu Artwork lately?[4] If you're
   graphically inclined, go to the ArtworkTeam wikipage[5] or at
   FreeNode's #ubuntu-artwork.

   [4]  http://art.ubuntu.com
   [5]  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArtworkTeam

 - Promotions/Advocacy: I think that using Ubuntu is by itself already
   an effort in promoting/advocating FOSS in general and Ubuntu in
   particular not just as a viable alternative, but as a real mainstream
   option.  From what I gather, we will have many opportunities to
   promote Ubuntu this year in the form of upcoming conferences and
   forums, so if you have pack of CDs at hand, go out and give them

That's just about what I can think of at the moment.  I probably missed
some other areas there, but at least these are the places that are most
visible to users, who in turn are also potential contributors.  I myself
feel that the most fruitful way to promote FOSS in the Philippines would
not be just the way of traditional marketing and consumerism, but by
letting users be active in changing/developing software to suit ther own

If there's anything else you want to do and you think it can help
Ubuntu, do drop by at #ubuntu-ph on FreeNode and share!



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