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Dean Michael Berris mikhailberis at free.net.ph
Mon Sep 19 04:32:09 UTC 2005

On Mon, 2005-09-19 at 09:57 +0800, Robert C. Reyes wrote:
> Speaking of *ahem*,  I would like to remind everyone that the *ahem*
> babes are not FREE and entirely PROPRIETARY.  It's available only
> during the 3-day TRIAL PERIOD, which is the duration of the
> conference.  In case you're interested, please e-mail *ahem* on the
> cost of the *product* and be sure to read the EULA, lest you'll find
> the BSA knocking on your door. :D

This is too much pun for me! <laugh>

I just hope they get "open sourced" soon. Wahahahahahahaha! :D

> Peace!

Make Love, Not War. ;)

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