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Dean Michael Berris mikhailberis at free.net.ph
Tue Oct 11 16:30:20 UTC 2005

On Tue, 2005-10-11 at 14:07 +0800, eric pareja wrote:
> Noong Mar, Okt 11, 2005 ng 08:41:26AM +0800, sinabi ni Dean Michael Berris:
> > 
> > I'm a new dog who chooses the tricks I wanna learn. And using software
> > in Filipino just requires Too Much Work for me to even consider using
> > it. ;)
> The translation efforts aren't aimed at people like us who are
> already comfortable working with computers in English. All translation
> efforts, whether Filipino or French or Vietnamese, are aimed at
> lowering the barriers to accessibility for non-English users. This
> includes users who aren't as comfortable in English as we are. The
> whole thrust of translation efforts is to make the technology
> accessible to all, regardless of language.

Good point. I think this is the one I missed or didn't get in the first
place. I failed to see that there are people out there who would want to
be able to use a computer but don't understand English in the

> For a long time, F/OSS advocates like me had an audience majority of
> whom didn't see the need for F/OSS because they could have commercial
> stuff for peanuts and get away with it. They saw no reason to install
> F/OSS except for some niche applications.

I feel your pain.

> And then the BSA came. Now people are taking a serious look at F/OSS
> because of costs. There are other reasons for using F/OSS, but all of
> these help further the reach and scope of F/OSS.

Freedom is power. Sharing the Freedom is empowerment.

Thanks for the well put explanation. It certainly opened my eyes to a
lot of things. :)

(And pardon me for not caring what Rizal says/writes. I just love his
novels, and believe the people who fought are the ones who deserve the
title "National Hero" -- but that's another discussion I wouldn't want
to get into online. And yes, I've done PI 100 -- almost aced it. ;) ).

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