[Ubuntu-PH] Ubuntu Distro still not received?

Barbon Wilson John wjbarbon at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 29 03:54:25 UTC 2005

jerome, i rquested 5 cd's only but until i have yet to received it. is it possible its already at the customs office?

Jerome Gotangco <jgotangco at ubuntu.com> wrote: hmmm how many did you request. Usually a standard request (10cds)
arrives on time. Unless your post held it (or customs did if its a lot
of CDs). If customs is holding it, you'll be receving an email from
Marilize (of Canonical) informing you about it.

Jerome G.

On 11/29/05, Daniel Ortega  wrote:
> I was wondering why I still haven't receive my free Ubuntu CD's? It's been 8
> weeks now since I fill up the request and when I verified in the site; it
> said that it was shipped but I or any family member haven't receive any
> package from Ubuntu. Do I need to do something to be eligible to receive the
> CD's???
> Just wondering,
> Daniel S. Ortega

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