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Subject: Important updates from Openbravo - Great news for Ubuntu fans and
much more...
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[image: openbravo vision]August 2009 *More Important News*

[image: title] Training dates for India and
title] Openbravo and Ubuntu team to deliver ERP package for Ubuntu Server

Dear Cesar Ronald Luis Molina,
We have great news for all of you Ubuntu fans, or for those with customers
that are! Openbravo ERP Professional Subscription for Ubuntu is *now
available* for download from the Ubuntu repositories. With the aim to *help
our partners grow their business*, we have just extended our product
offering to include this latest ERP release to respond to Ubuntu user
demand. It includes an easy-to-deploy, standards-based open source stack
that is:

       Fully tested and supported
       Easily maintainable

Find out more<http://openbravo.live2.hms.es/index.php?entryPoint=campaign_trackerv2&track=c1ffbc01-35dc-b7e3-c63d-4a9545c3b5f1&identifier=f0715c41-fff9-2bb8-52f9-4a9831b76f32>
Find out how to install from Ubuntu
Read the press release<http://openbravo.live2.hms.es/index.php?entryPoint=campaign_trackerv2&track=3ebe129d-d822-1144-81f4-4a954694eb10&identifier=f0715c41-fff9-2bb8-52f9-4a9831b76f32>
* *

*Let's talk business growth > Openbravo offers you more product editions for
your customers' benefit!*

*Become an Openbravo Partner
[image: title] Openbravo ERP 2.50 training in India and Barcelona: don't
miss this opportunity

We are pleased to announce the dates of the next Openbravo Training
Convention to be held in Barcelona this upcoming September, as well as your
reminder to register for the one taking place in India.

This is your chance to begin, or continue the journey to becoming an expert
- to gain all the necessary tools and confidence to propel your skills for
working around Openbravo products.

The Training Courses are *designed for all levels of knowledge*, allowing
you to choose the courses suited to your professional profile (users,
business consultants, developers, project managers and system
*Course Title**City**Course Dates**Language*Basic Functional TrainingHyderabad,
India31 Aug-4 Sept. '09EnglishBasic Development TrainingHyderabad, India7-11
Sept. '09English    Basic Functional TrainingBarcelona21-25 Sept.
Development TrainingBarcelona28 Sept.-2 Oct. '09EnglishAdvanced Development
TrainingBarcelona5-9 Oct. '09English    Basic Functional TrainingBarcelona28
Sept.-2 Oct. '09SpanishBasic Development TrainingBarcelona5-9 Oct. '09
SpanishAdvanced Development TrainingBarcelona13-16 Oct. '09Spanish
*For more information or to register for a Training - just click
Click on the exam name within the webpage to see a brief certification
*We look forward to helping you become an Openbravo ERP expert! *

Please note that Classroom Training is the best option available to you if
your goal is to bring yourself up-to-speed with Openbravo ERP technology as
fast as possible. Compared with online training, they are shorter, more
intense sessions, delivered by a live training specialist with face-to-face
explanations and clarifications. However, for those not able to attend:

   - The Basic Functional Training for Openbravo ERP is available in an
   online format: Click
more information
   - In the same webpage, you will also see the brand new addition of
   Advanced Development Training in an online format

*Cees Poortman, **VP of Global Commercial Operations*

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Cesar Luis M.
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