[Bug 915626] Re: usb-creator-gtk crashed with SIGSEGV in _dbus_watch_invalidate

Brian Murray brian at ubuntu.com
Mon Dec 16 23:21:11 UTC 2013

** Description changed:

+ Errors bucket:
+ https://errors.ubuntu.com/bucket/?id=/usr/bin/usb-creator-gtk:11:_dbus_watch_invalidate:free_watches:socket_disconnect:_dbus_transport_disconnect:_dbus_transport_disconnect
  To reproduce:
  Fairly reliably reproducible with ubuntu-12.10-desktop-i386.iso or raring-desktop-i386.iso and choosing persitence on a 12.10/raring amd64 system.
  Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
  _dbus_watch_invalidate (watch=0x0) at ../../dbus/dbus-watch.c:171
  171     ../../dbus/dbus-watch.c: No such file or directory.
  #0  _dbus_watch_invalidate (watch=0x0) at ../../dbus/dbus-watch.c:171
  No locals.
  #1  0x00007ffff5dec93d in free_watches (transport=transport at entry=0xf12590) at ../../dbus/dbus-transport-socket.c:83
          socket_transport = 0xf12590
  #2  0x00007ffff5dec9a9 in socket_disconnect (transport=0xf12590) at ../../dbus/dbus-transport-socket.c:987
          socket_transport = 0xf12590
  #3  0x00007ffff5debd67 in _dbus_transport_disconnect (transport=0xf12590) at ../../dbus/dbus-transport.c:509
  No locals.
  #4  _dbus_transport_disconnect (transport=0xf12590) at ../../dbus/dbus-transport.c:500
  No locals.
  #5  0x00007ffff5dec595 in _dbus_transport_queue_messages (transport=0xf12590) at ../../dbus/dbus-transport.c:1165
          status = <optimised out>
  #6  0x00007ffff5dd48e4 in _dbus_connection_get_dispatch_status_unlocked (connection=0xf152b0) at ../../dbus/dbus-connection.c:4211
  No locals.
  It seems to be that NULL is passed to _dbus_watch_invalidate. And that
  function does not assert it's input. In the past this caused to crash
  tomboy (bug #1043887), evalution-data-server (bug #852342) and possible
  other software (e.g. https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=553601
  I'd like to open dbus bug and fix that function in dbus to be more
  Attaching full gdb tracelog: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source

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  usb-creator-gtk crashed with SIGSEGV in _dbus_watch_invalidate

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