[Bug 868034] Re: Huawei E220 and E1550 can't connect on Ubuntu 11.10

Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre mathieu.tl at gmail.com
Mon Jun 4 19:01:20 UTC 2012

Something else that is *very* relevant; if you're running into the issue
and filing a new bug, please follow the steps listed above for getting
debug logs (see http://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingNetworkManager); and
look for the firmware version for your device. The lines should be
similar to this:

modem-manager[5955]: <debug> [1337321031.098461] [mm-at-serial-port.c:333] debug_log(): (ttyUSB0): --> 'AT+CGMR<CR>'
modem-manager[5955]: <debug> [1337321031.108098] [mm-at-serial-port.c:333] debug_log(): (ttyUSB0): <-- '<CR><LF><CR><LF><CR><LF>OK<CR><LF>' might not be a recent enough firmware to work properly.
Seems like the version on my own device: 11.310.16.03.149 might not be
good enough or at least seems to crash and reconnect to USB frequently.
There are newer revisions available on the Internet, I'll try to upgrade
and see how well that works.

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  Huawei E220 and E1550 can't connect on Ubuntu 11.10

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