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It's that time of cycle again, where we all get together over a coffee/tea
pizza  at home or where ever and work on Ubuntu as a community!

Ubuntu needs your help! We need your members of your loco team to help on
testing and letting us know how and where it needs some looking into.

This cycle we are shipping Unity as the new desktop interface, and we are
going to be working hard together to ensure that as many Unity bugs are
squeezed out as possible.

The Ubuntu global Jam (UGJ) is a great chance to come along and help test
Unity, report bugs, fix bugs, triage problems, write documentation, help
advocate Ubuntu in your area. Lets see if we can make Ubuntu 11.04 the
best Ubuntu release yet!

With that in mind date of the Ubuntu Global Jam is 1st – 3rd April 2011.

We are really keen that everyone has as much notice as possible to get
your events ready! So all team contacts on here should be sending this
mail to your loco team to let them know and so you can plan the event!

I have  added the Ubuntu Global Jam in the LoCo Directory so feel free to
go and add your events there! -
http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/global/567/detail/  There are over 142 teams
on the LoCo directory and only 7 have signed up to take part! Lets get
more teams on there and help make this UGJ ROCK!!!!

We will also be having some tutorial sessions about how to organize events
soon! When you add an event, but sure to Tweet/Dent/Facebook it and use
the #ugj, #ubuntu, and #locoteams tags so others can see them!


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