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Eivar Montenegro Mosquera e.mont01 en gmail.com
Mie Mar 5 17:04:54 GMT 2008

Aqui está el mensaje que me  enviara Charles y mi respuesta, saludos.

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From: Eivar Montenegro Mosquera <e.mont01 en gmail.com>
Date: 05-mar-2008 12:03
Subject: Re: Help Adding Packages
To: Charles Warner <cwarner7_11 en hotmail.com>

Hello, without internet is posible to add programs, I know two ways:

   -  First: download all the packages that you want to install and all
   of its dependencies, then you should go to your ubuntu and double click on
   each file (in order of dependencies) and an installer called gdebi will
   launch allowing you to install that package. Gdedi will tell you if you can
   install the package or what packages are needed to be installed before to

   - Second (I did this with an original dvd of Ubuntu that come with a
   lot of extra packages but I have never tried to create my own cd): However
   once you have created your own cd, insert it into the pc and Synaptic (the
   packages manager) will ask you for use the recently added cd to install
   programas. Once again you have to put the program and all of its
   dependencies in your cd.

Please forgive my english.
I hope this help you.

2008/3/5, Charles Warner <cwarner7_11 en hotmail.com>:
>  I just loaded Ubuntu 7.10 in a dual boot configuration with Windows XP,
> downloaded from the internet.  As it comes, it is pretty useless.  I do not
> have, nor do I wish to implement, an internet connection with the particular
> computer I am using (of my four computers, only one is used on the internet,
> for security reasons.  I also do not network the computers- they are all
> stand-alone).  My reason for looking at Linux is that I want to migrate away
> from Microsoft and regain control of my own computer (I could go on and on
> about the problems with Microsoft, but you are probably quite familiar with
> such rants).  However, I need applications, not operating systems.  I have a
> list of applications, a few of which are available in Linux versions (i.e.,
> Scilab- which I have successfully installed on the Ubuntu system).  Another
> application I am trying to install is jpilot, a Palm desktop for Linux.  I
> have unpacked this to my desktop, but won't install.  I am also trying to
> install a dictionary database (I believe the one I selected is "Stardict",
> but the computer with Ubuntu is downstairs right now).  I would also like to
> add second language support to the system (one operator would like to boot
> in Spanish, I want to boot in English).  Again, I have unpacked the
> suggested package on the desktop, but it won't install.  Finally, the only
> reason I originally switched to Windows from a variation of the old Berkley
> Unix was becasue of Excel.  I need the features of Excel 2000- Open Office
> Calculator is a very poor immitation of this program, lacking many features
> I need, and extremely slow graphics.  I would like to use something like
> Bochs (which I have unpacked but been unable to install), Wine, or VMWare to
> run an instance of Windows XP in which I can run Excel 2000 and a couple of
> other programs used for instrumentation, that are not available in Linux,
> some specialized CAD software and Spice Electronic design software package.
> I am also looking for drivers for a Canon MP160 printer/scanner (I may have
> found these, but haven't had any luck installing them yet- part of the
> problem is they are in Red Hat format, and I just now found out about the
> Alien package, which I have not yet tried to install).  This is a big order,
> I realize.
> I have many years working with command-line systems, although I am
> somewhat rusty today.  This is my second look at Linux (originally, i tried
> SUSE, but did not find it suitable at the time for what I need).  What I
> need help with is understanding how to load packages from a CD or USB memory
> stick (Ubuntu can access the memory stick, and I can write downloaded
> packages to CD if needed).
> I think I have found some instructions in how to use a package manager
> from CD, but I haven't tried that yet.  What I need right now is some help
> in understanding how to add packages.  And more time in my schedule to play
> around with this, but I don't think you can help me with the time issue...
> Charlie Warner
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¡El mundo es mejor cuando eres libre de elegir!
Eivar A. Montenegro. M.

Consultor de Tecnología.

Telefax: +507 269-7727
Edificio Magna Corp. Ave.Manuel María Icaza.
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