[Ubuntu-pa] Fwd: <NO>OOXML: Your action is required: Contact COPANIT now!

Sebastian Cervantes Pedreschi mr_shadow1321 en hotmail.com
Jue Dic 6 19:08:03 GMT 2007

creo ke te llegho tarde el correo
el OOXML fue rechasado como estandar hace un par de meses

Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2007 14:06:03 -0500
From: e.mont01 en gmail.com
To: ubuntu-pa en lists.ubuntu.com
Subject: [Ubuntu-pa] Fwd: <NO>OOXML: Your action is required: Contact	COPANIT now!

Saludos amigos, acabo de recibir este correo y es algo que deberían saber también aunque es probable que muchos de ustedes lo recibieran también, para los que no saben es un movimiento en contra del 
supuesto estándar OOXML que MS trata de imponer a toda costa.

Hasta pronto.

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From: Benjamin Henrion <
bhenrion en ffii.org>
Date: 06-dic-2007 13:58
Subject: <NO>OOXML: Your action is required: Contact COPANIT now!
To: e.mont01 en gmail.com

Dear Eivar Montenegro,

You signed the <NO>OOXML petition, a movement backed now by more than
70.000 supporters worldwide. Our effort to influence the OOXML (Office
Open XML) standardization process has been an astonishing success so

far. We aim for at least 100.000 signatures in February when the Geneva
Ballot Resolution Meeting (BRM) will convene with the aim to resolve

Microsoft is trying by all means to get its "standard" adopted without

substantial changes despite of its thousands of officially reported
technical flaws and the pre-existence of ISO 26300:2006 (OpenDocument,
ODF) as the most appropriate international standard for the
representation of office documents.

By next Tuesday Dec 11 2007 delegates from your National Standards Body
COPANIT who will participate in the BRM have to be announced to
ISO. At least Portugal and Ireland will be represented by Microsoft. In

many other countries, we know that Microsoft gold partners are proposing
themselves as heads of national delegations. Many of them will prevail
if we do not take action.

Will you let Microsoft represent your country at Geneva and decide the

future of OOXML?

You can make a difference and call now COPANIT at +507-5600716 and help
us to find out:

  a. Who will represent COPANIT on DIS 29500 at the Ballot
     Resolution Meeting in Geneva?

  b. When will the decision on delegates be made and if COPANIT is
     aware of the Dec 11 deadline?
  c. Does your national delegates for the BRM are independent enough
     from Microsoft?
  d. Does the responsible Committee of COPANIT for DIS 29500 work

     on resolution proposals for all the 3500 comments tabled or - if at
     all - only for the national comments that they submitted?

Please report your findings by replying to this email, we will update

this page with the members of each national delegation:


More things that you can do to help our effort against this broken
standard proposal:

  1. Join our mailing list and get in touch with many other
  2. Become a member of FFII, the worldwide association leading the

     <NO>OOXML campaign:
  3. Become a member of DIGISTAN, the organization for the promotion
     of true digital open standards worldwide; please indicate your

     interests to: members en digistan.org
  4. Blog about OOXML which shapes the public debate; blogging has been
     instrumental to our success in Sweden for example;

  5. support our campaign work with financial means:

Best regards,

Benjamin Henrion <
bhenrion en ffii.org>
<NO>OOXML Campaign leader

¡El mundo es mejor cuando eres libre de elegir!
Eivar A. Montenegro. M.

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