[Bug 1852221] Re: ovsdb-server needs to be restarted after adding protocols to bridges

Rodolfo Alonso ralonsoh at redhat.com
Thu Dec 12 14:12:52 UTC 2019


I've seen this behavior in OVS 2.12. Previous versions work well (2.11
and 2.10).

I detected this problem using Neutron (master), OVS 2.12 and OVS
firewall. The firewall flows are added to the DB using "--bundle". This
requires OF14. Because this protocol is added after the bridge is
created, it does not work.

But if the protocol is added in the same transaction of the creation
[1], then the "--bundle" add-flows commands work.



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  ovsdb-server needs to be restarted after adding protocols to bridges

Status in OpenStack neutron-openvswitch charm:
Status in openvswitch package in Ubuntu:

Bug description:
  As part of programming OpenvSwitch, Neutron will add to which
  protocols bridges support [0].

  However, the Open vSwitch `ovsdb-server` process does not appear to
  update its perspective of which protocol versions it should support
  until it is restarted:

  # ovs-ofctl -O OpenFlow14 dump-flows br-int
  2019-11-12T12:52:56Z|00001|vconn|WARN|unix:/var/run/openvswitch/br-int.mgmt: version negotiation failed (we support version 0x05, peer supports version 0x01)
  ovs-ofctl: br-int: failed to connect to socket (Broken pipe)

  # systemctl restart ovsdb-server 
  # ovs-ofctl -O OpenFlow14 dump-flows br-int
   cookie=0x84ead4b79da3289a, duration=1.576s, table=0, n_packets=0, n_bytes=0, priority=65535,vlan_tci=0x0fff/0x1fff actions=drop
   cookie=0x84ead4b79da3289a, duration=1.352s, table=0, n_packets=0, n_bytes=0, priority=5,in_port="int-br-ex",dl_dst=fa:16:3f:69:2e:c6 actions=goto_table:4


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