[Bug 1607313] Re: Inconsistency in data stored in libvirt.xml file

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Mon Feb 19 20:06:29 UTC 2018

Reviewed:  https://review.openstack.org/525997
Committed: https://git.openstack.org/cgit/openstack/nova/commit/?id=c4d700dc20de831eaabfddaf5554319fd0d997ab
Submitter: Zuul
Branch:    stable/ocata

commit c4d700dc20de831eaabfddaf5554319fd0d997ab
Author: Danil Akhmetov <dakhmetov at mirantis.com>
Date:   Fri Nov 18 19:27:37 2016 +0300

    Use proper user and tenant in the owner section of libvirt.xml.
    Nova takes instance ownership info from request context when it updates
    libvirt.xml, which is not always correct. A real instance owner should
    be used to avoid inconsistency in the data stored in the XML file.
    Change-Id: Ib1e4803ba4ff17894a0905bcf116225defa5b58a
    Closes-Bug: #1607313
    (cherry picked from commit 3f2935872da311f79b5fd4d51fb50b4fcf8d2bcd)

** Changed in: cloud-archive/ocata
       Status: Confirmed => Fix Committed

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  Inconsistency in data stored in libvirt.xml file

Status in Ubuntu Cloud Archive:
  Fix Released
Status in Ubuntu Cloud Archive mitaka series:
Status in Ubuntu Cloud Archive ocata series:
  Fix Committed
Status in OpenStack Compute (nova):
  Fix Released
Status in OpenStack Compute (nova) ocata series:
  In Progress
Status in nova package in Ubuntu:
  Fix Released
Status in nova source package in Xenial:

Bug description:
  Operations involved : 
  nova migrate
  nova evacuate
  nova live-migration

  The above mentioned operations on instances lead to creation of a new
  instance on a new compute host. It has been observed that the 'owner'
  information in the libvirt.xml file is populated with the
  username/projectname(tenantname) of the user performing any of the
  above operations.

  For instance,

  There's an instance 'ins-1' in project/tenant 'pro-1' owned by user 'user01' launched on compute host 'compute-101'.
  Now, an admin user named 'osadmin' from project 'admin', performs operation 
  `nova live-migration asdfghi123xyz compute-102`  
  * AD-123 (ID if ins-1)

  This leads to a live migration of ins-1 from compute-101 to compute-102.
  Now, the file /var/lib/nova/instances/asdfghi123xyz/libvirt.xml in compute-102 will have 

          <nova:user uuid="osadmin">osadmin</nova:user>
          <nova:project uuid="ff5883e5fa9147a78e6d1b7815">admin</nova:project>

  which ideally should be,

          <nova:user uuid="user01">user01</nova:user>
          <nova:project uuid="aa5883e5fa9147a78e6d1b7815">pro-1</nova:project>

  This inconsistency is seen in all the operations mentioned, i.e. evacuate, migrate, live-

  Related commands : 
  nova live-migration SERVER HOST_NAME
  nova migrate VM_ID

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