[Bug 1735388] Re: Server seeded Python2 packages

ChristianEhrhardt 1735388 at bugs.launchpad.net
Thu Feb 1 08:04:08 UTC 2018

Shairng my two cents on moin as Doko asked for an update - sorry
probably not what you wanted to hear :-/

Moin is - so far - not intended to be py3 compatible.
There is a full detailed status on [1].
So short-term it is unlikely to become py3 compatible.

OTOH one could decide to demote it to universe, but I don't consider that likely either.
So far it is "the" wiki in main, and I didn't see any other.
Furthermore it is - for example - still what Canonical uses for wiki.canonical.com and wiki.ubuntu.com, which we would likely want to convert if we demote it.
So I don't think it will be demoted for a while IMHO.

[1]: https://moinmo.in/Python3

You received this bug notification because you are a member of Ubuntu
OpenStack, which is subscribed to python-posix-ipc in Ubuntu.

  Server seeded Python2 packages

Status in moin package in Ubuntu:
Status in pastedeploy package in Ubuntu:
  Fix Released
Status in pastescript package in Ubuntu:
  Fix Released
Status in psycopg2 package in Ubuntu:
  Fix Released
Status in python-django package in Ubuntu:
  Fix Released
Status in python-openid package in Ubuntu:
  Fix Released
Status in python-posix-ipc package in Ubuntu:
  Fix Released
Status in tickcount package in Ubuntu:
  Fix Released

Bug description:
  Seeded in supported-misc-servers:

  Web applications:

   * python-moinmoin      # moin (>= 1.5)
   * python-django
   * python-tickcount #ChuckShort - server-lucid-canonical-application-support
   * python-openid #ChuckShort - server-lucid-canonical-application-support
   * python-pastescript #ChuckShort - server-lucid-canonical-application-support
   * python-pastedeploy #ChuckShort - server-lucid-canonical-application-support
   * python-psycopg2
   * python-posix-ipc

  these should be either removed or ported to Python3, or replaced by
  their Python3 counterparts.

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