[Bug 1664203] Re: v1 driver does not delete namespace when pool deleted

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  v1 driver does not delete namespace when pool deleted

Status in Ubuntu Cloud Archive:
Status in neutron-lbaas package in Ubuntu:
  In Progress

Bug description:
  The v1 services.loadbalancer.drivers.haproxy.namespace_driver has a
  bug in that it deletes the haproxy state directory for a pool when
  it's vip is deleted. This means that when the pool itself is deleted,
  its associated namespace is never deleted since the delete is
  predicated on the state patch being extant.

  The v1 driver is deprecated as of the Liberty release and was totally
  removed from the codebase in the Newton release. However, Openstack
  Kilo and Mitaka are still supported in Ubuntu, the former requiring
  the v1 driver and the latter still capable of using it so we while
  upstream will not accept a patch we will still patch the neutron-
  lbaas-agent Ubuntu package to fix this issue.

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