[ubuntu-nz] Wellington Ubuntu Gathering?

Bruce Kingsbury zcat at zcat.geek.nz
Sat Mar 19 19:19:58 UTC 2011

Saturday Workshops were working really well for WLUG .. unfortunately
nobody seems to have organised them again this year.

The thing I'm playing with at the moment is running a community
computer centre using donated computers and entirely free software.
Having it open two days a week at the moment, and willing to help with
everything from 'how to drag and drop' up to assembling machines and
installing OSes. I'm not officially going to shun Windows or nonfree
software but I am going to use pirated software as an excuse to be
'unable' to help, unless they're willing to switch to a non-pirated
Free alternative.

On 20 March 2011 07:48, Jeff Hunt <jeffhunt90 at gmail.com> wrote:
> As the time for the next Ubuntu release approaches at the end of
> April,  I wonder if this thread has died.
> In six weeks or so I will do a major reinstall of four computers in my
> house and probably ask three or four friends that I have encouraged
> into Ubuntu if they want to upgrade. I know that two are keen. It
> seems a great shame that there are thousands of other people out there
> who would  be lifetime converts if they could get over the first
> couple of months of installing and learning to become comfortable.
> Has anyone any ideas for reaching the masses?
> Cheers.
> On 3/12/11, David Beale <daveandgail at xtra.co.nz> wrote:
>> Hi Dan, my name is Dave and here is my two cents worth based on past
>> (distant) experiences.
>> Many years ago I set up a computer user group for Sega users in Hawera.
>> We had about 23 members and it soon became apparent that some members
>> were going to accelerate and others were going to take a bit longer.
>> This caused a bit of a rift in the club and some members dropped away
>> because meeting discussions were over their heads.
>> It became obvious that we had to cater for new and slower members and we
>> did this by constructing a curriculum (6 months) and maintaining meeting
>> agendas. Part of the meeting was dedicated to new users and part to the
>> more experienced.
>> Without having a set curriculum and sticking to it any new group will be
>> subject to division.
>> First set the objectives by finding out what the needs are. This may
>> vary from what you think the needs are (another thing I had to learn way
>> back) and establish what the learning rate will possibly be (middle aged
>> people take longer than the young and the old).
>> From there it is basic planning, setting the goal from the objective and
>> the time line from the learning rate.
>> Once it is done the first time then it needs to repeat periodically
>> You are fortunate that you have the Welly LUG group for those that excel
>> l to migrate to and hopefully not dominate your new user group.
>> Hope this helps
>> Good luck
>> Dave
>> On Sat, 2011-03-05 at 14:19 +1300, D F wrote:
>>> Hi, Im Dan and I just recently became interested in Ubuntu. Being
>>> somewhat new to working with Ubuntu I recently broke my windows 7
>>> trying to work with partitions, but thats another story.
>>> Anyway I was wondering if there any events, seminars, group
>>> discussions, support groups etc that happen within Wellington at any
>>> time??
>>> If not is there any interest in setting something up? Maybe even an
>>> informal gathering to start with?
>>> I work in a community minded organisation as a Youth Support Worker
>>> and as such may be able to host a small gathering in my workplace, but
>>> this all relys on a display of interest and some external support (not
>>> financial just organisational).
>>> One of my personal ideas is to create a distribution of Ubuntu
>>> pre-loaded for students in college and university that cannot afford
>>> mainstream OS or software. Ive already been advocating for OpenOffice
>>> in my personal life and had great responses but finding Ubuntu has
>>> opened up so many more options I would love to explore.
>>> Anyway thats my two cents to the equation for now, if someone could
>>> get in touch with me to develop the group meeting idea or put it in
>>> perspective that would be great.
>>> Im definately an amatuer but Im keen to learn and hope I can be of
>>> some use in the effort to advocate for Ubuntu.
>>> Cheers,
>>> Dan
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