[ubuntu-nz] Wellington Ubuntu Gathering?

Ubuntu ubuntu at eaton.net.nz
Sat Mar 5 02:59:48 UTC 2011

I would be interested in coming along to such a group. I am a long time
user, but am not overly expert or technical in my knowledge of Linux or
I hope that you manage to get something off the ground.

D F wrote:
> Hi, Im Dan and I just recently became interested in Ubuntu. Being
> somewhat new to working with Ubuntu I recently broke my windows 7 trying
> to work with partitions, but thats another story.
> Anyway I was wondering if there any events, seminars, group discussions,
> support groups etc that happen within Wellington at any time??
> If not is there any interest in setting something up? Maybe even an
> informal gathering to start with?
> I work in a community minded organisation as a Youth Support Worker and
> as such may be able to host a small gathering in my workplace, but this
> all relys on a display of interest and some external support (not
> financial just organisational).
> One of my personal ideas is to create a distribution of Ubuntu
> pre-loaded for students in college and university that cannot afford
> mainstream OS or software. Ive already been advocating for OpenOffice in
> my personal life and had great responses but finding Ubuntu has opened
> up so many more options I would love to explore.
> Anyway thats my two cents to the equation for now, if someone could get
> in touch with me to develop the group meeting idea or put it in
> perspective that would be great.
> Im definately an amatuer but Im keen to learn and hope I can be of some
> use in the effort to advocate for Ubuntu.
> Cheers,
> Dan

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