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Bev & Gary Ball theballz at orcon.net.nz
Wed Jul 7 09:22:13 BST 2010


At a guess I would say you might have a faulty hard drive or something 
odd going on with the partitions or formatting of that drive. I would 
download and burn the live gparted cd and see if you can successfully 
partition / format the drive to ext4. At least you will see if gparted 
manages this with or without any issues.

As a side note, 10.04 failed for me when I tried to install on 2x 500GB 
drives in a RAID 1 software based array - I'm becoming increasingly 
bothered by Ubuntu's failure in critical OS features whilst adding bling 
such as social networking and other irrelevant stuff.

If you have no joy with 10.04, try Debian as I have found this distro to 
work when Ubuntu throws up these errors. Although Ubuntu is based on 
Debian it appears that a bit of Ubuntu tinkering has broken some aspects 
of partitioning during install.



On 07/07/10 16:36, Reinhold Pam Muller wrote:
> hi folks
> I have downloaded a iso file (checked it) and burned it (and checked 
> that) of an amd 64bit Ubuntu10.04 version
> On installing it "hangs" between accepting the keyboard and starting 
> the gparted..
> It files a crash report and asks for it to be sent off - and when u do 
> - it totally crashes - needing a reboot
> Urm
> Is there anyone out there in good o'l NZ that has a successful 64 bit 
> version of 10.04 (install cd) and if so - i'd be mighty glad if you 
> clone a cd and post it to
> 23 Oldwood st.
> Cheers
> Reinhold

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