[ubuntu-nz] 8.10

Bruce Kingsbury zcat at zcat.geek.nz
Mon Nov 3 23:29:10 GMT 2008

2008/11/4 Paulus Herewini <paulus.h at paradise.net.nz>

>  Just upgraded to Ibex yesterday by burning alternative disk, inserting
> and selecting "upgrade". Encounted a lot of errors with a somehow corrupt
> disk burn, burnt a second time and encounted more errors. Unfortunately my
> girlfriend came home and found the window saying 99% complete but "upgrade
> could not be completed".

It's probably a bit late to say so, but this is why the disk includes a
self-check option. Also I've never had an ubuntu upgrade go well, I always
just do a fresh install these days. It's pretty easy if you have /home on
it's own partition and a good idea of what software you need to reinstall
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