[ubuntu-nz] Hello!

Nate Walker nate at kiwinewt.geek.nz
Tue Jun 12 08:41:00 BST 2007

Hi Al,
I too am based in Christchurch, currently studying programming at CPIT.
I've been watching this list for a while and haven't yet introduced 
myself, but I took the plunge into fully ubuntu a few months ago, and 
haven't stopped since.
What sort of IT business are you running?

Al Twohill wrote:
> Hi there!
> I thought I'd best introduce myself after adding myself to this list, 
> so here goes:
> I'm Al, and you'll find me in most forums and irc channels as 
> mobiusNZ, or something similar. I've recently set up an IT business, 
> and one of my goals was to get into linux. I've previously dabbled in 
> linux through my student years, but this has been my first serious go 
> at it. I've tried a few distros over time (Red Hat, Fedora Core, 
> Gentoo), and have finally settled on (K)ubuntu. I now have a laptop, a 
> pc, and a server all running Kubuntu, so I'm getting to know it quite 
> well - although I've still got a lot to learn!
> Anyway, I'm based in Christchurch and keen to get involved with 
> anything Ubuntu-y in the area.
> Right, I'm sure you'll all sick of my babbling, so I'm going to get 
> back into my programming....
> Al
> -- 
> The project has begun... 

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