[ubuntu-nz] NZLUG account problem

Bob Harvey bob.harvey at home.net.nz
Thu Jul 19 02:05:03 BST 2007

Hi all,

I have been trying to get an account set up at linux.net.nz (NZLUG) -- I'm on the mailing list OK, but for some reason the web site never sends to my email address the account setup/login details.  It knows the email address, as I can't create a new account with my email.  But trying to get it to send me my login password just doesn't get a response.

The upshot of all this is that I can't tell the NZLUG list that Jim Mora who does weekday afternoons at RadioNZ National (101.4fm) will be interviewing Bruce Schneier (US IT security guru, author of 'Applied Cryptography', 'Secrets and Lies', the Cryptogram email newsletter, blogger, etc, etc) on Friday 27th July, probably on the theme of terrorism counter-measures and associated thinking.

If anyone wants to pass this info on to the NZLUG list, or any others they might want to notify, please feel free.  And if anyone can figure out how to get me out of my chicken-egg situation with linux.net.nz they'll recieve my blessings.

Cheers, Bob.

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